Cali Doe and Sofia Lata

Nubiles Casting11

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Cali Doe is in charge of casting the hot young Latina named Sofia Lata. Sofia Lata was more than excited to show off her leopard undies and her young perky tits for the camera. She gives smouldering looks through her glasses while caressing her hot pink pussy. Sofia Lata sure knows how to put on a show and Cali Doe moves closer to get better shots of the teen’s crotch. Cali Doe and Sofia Lata have quite a connection and they feel very comfortable with each other. Jake came into the picture, much to Sofia Lata’s delight; she jumped onto him and rode him like a pro.

Marissa Mei

Nubiles Casting10

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Marissa Mei is a casting interview clip featuring the young brunette who wanted to be the next Nubile casting director. Marissa Mei is a petite girl with an innocent face so we were surprised when she said she was up for the role. She did not seem like a horny teen at all when she came to casting. But after a short talk, the inner temptress eventually came out and we were able to see the shy Marissa Mei’s cute tits, sexy panties and hot tight ass. We are pretty sure she would want to come back after that little chat.

Cali Doe

Nubiles Casting9

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Cali Doe is probably one of the naughtiest girls we have seen on casting so far. It seems Cali Doe is wants to be the new casting director so bad, she would do anything for the job. Well of course we took advantage of Cali Doe’s desperation and thirst. We figured asking her a few questions would get her to open up about her sexuality, which she did. Soon enough the sexy babe with long wavy brown hair was shedding her clothes and showing us her natural perky tits with soft pink nipples. Can you tell that we would want her to stick around?

Ariana Marie

Nubiles Casting8

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Ariana Marie came to the casting interview wearing a cute outfit of polka dot tank top and denim shorts. Looking at her pretty face and straight brunette hair, no one could possibly tell that this young girl would want a job as casting director for a porn site. Let us just say we were pleasantly surprised when she eagerly answered all of the naughty and dirty questions. Man, this chick is young but she’s got a lot of horny thoughts in her! Next she let us zoom in on her nice perky tits and even gave them a squeeze.

Marissa Mei, Sara Luvv and Veronica Radke

Nubiles Casting7

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In this episode, we see more than one hot babe—we have three! Marissa Mei has just finished two casting scenes when she notices Veronica Radke who still has not yet done any. Realizing that the new girl might be feeling a little shy, she helps Veronica Radke warm up. Soon the pair is joined by Sara Luvv and her boyfriend Jake who have also just finished their own scenes. Solo scenes are great and sensual but this party of four is definitely one for the books. Lots of horny nubiles in one filming makes for a great show!

Kennedy Leigh and Marissa Mei

Nubiles Casting6

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Kennedy Leigh and Marissa Mei are the two young ladies in this casting episode. Marissa Mei is on her second scene after we saw that there is much potential in her. Marissa Mei interviews Kennedy Leigh, who is still very shy and quiet. Marissa Mei gets her to warm up and tells her she needs to show more sexuality if she wants to make it to Nubiles. Marissa Mei gets through to Kennedy Leigh and gets her to do a sex scene with a boy. Kennedy Leigh does more than loosen up, she oozes with sexuality! And yes, she gets some cum too.

Aurora Monroe and Marissa Mei

Nubiles Casting5

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Aurora Monroe is welcomed by Marissa Mei for her audition. Marissa Mei is an attractive young babe herself and she automatically gets Aurora Monroe feeling welcome on set. Aurora Monroe has quite the magnetic personality. The camera loves her and Aurora Monroe knows how to make love to the camera so to speak. She was even open to the idea of shooting a sex scene with a boy for her first casting. Of course we jumped at the chance and who would have known that Aurora Monroe could fuck on cam like a pro? We are lucky to have a big rising porn star right here.

Ariana Marie and Sky Light

Nubiles Casting4

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Ariana Marie is in charge of casting Sky Light, a young blonde who is shy as can be but wants to try a modelling career with Nubiles. Arianna Marie starts by asking Sky Light some simple questions then makes the move on the young blonde, just to check how she would react. Surprisingly, Sky Light was more than eager to show off her nubile body with tattoos. She lets us get closer to her perky tits and tight ass. But what made Sky Light more excited was seeing a big cock before her. Both ladies get to enjoy this man meat. Check it out!

Marissa Mei

Nubiles Casting3

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Marissa Mei is a casting director today but unfortunately, the girl she was supposedly casting did not show up. Instead of getting mad or mopey because of the no-show, Marissa Mei takes the opportunity to do her own scenes. Our camera guy was more than happy to shoot her. The lucky guy does not only get to see Marissa Mei’s hot young body up close, he also gets to stick it to her and shoot her in more ways than one. We have never seen Marissa Mei this aroused and serious about pleasing and fucking. You have to see it to believe.

Cali Doe and Kristina Bell

Nubiles Casting2

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Cali Doe is doing a pretty good job in casting new girls but we wanted to give her a few more casting interviews. Here Cali Doe is about to welcome Kristina Bell to Nubiles. Kristina Bell is the young petite babe who seems to have a certain spunk and fun attitude. Cali Doe’s task is to make sure that Kristina Bell is right for Nubiles so she gets the petite doll to strip and show us her sweet tits and bare pink pussy. It turns out Kristina Bell is more than willing to show her sex skills right there!